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25 September 2016

The Bookish Book Lover Tag

It's Sunday; time for a bit of bookish fun in the form of a book tag! I found the following tag on A Writer's Heart and immediately loved the sound of it because I'm obviously a book lover as well. Check out my answers below and don't hesitate to join in with the fun; if you do, leave your link in the comments section so I can have a look at your answers as well!

1) What Book Are You Currently Reading?
I'm currently reading 'Always a Cowboy' by Linda Lael Miller. A trustworthy and nice romance read, exactly what I needed.
2) What's The Last Book You Finished?
Yesterday I finished the second instalment of Erin Lawless' latest chick lit series, 'The One with the Wedding Dress' and I loved it. Can't wait to read the third part!

3) Favorite Book You Read This Year?
Oh, wow, that's a difficult one. I've been lucky enough to have read quite a few pretty amazing books. However, if I have to pick a few I'd go for:

'Eligible' - Curtis Sittenfeld
'The Lonely Hearts Travel Club' series - Katy Colins
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' - J.K. Rowling and others
'Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe' - Debbie Johnson
4) What Genre Have You Read Most This Year?
Chick lit/romantic comedies.
5) What Genre Have You Read Least This Year?
I enjoy a good thriller or mystery/detective novel every now and again but have hardly read any this year so far.
6) What Genre Do You Want To Read More Of?
Well, I can never get enough of chick lit, to be honest. But I've read some pretty great historical novels lately and just really enjoy the genre, so definitely hope I can read more of those.
7) How Many Books Have You Read This Year, And What's Your Goal?
I've currently read 131 of 165 novels for 2016.

8) What's The Last Book You Bought?
I actually bought a bunch at the same time, but I know for sure that Giovanna Fletcher's 'Always with Love' was one of them.

9) What Book Are You Saving Up To Buy Next?
Oh wow, my wish list is WAY too long, but I definitely plan on buying Meg Cabot's 'The Boy is Back' and 'Searching for a Silver Lining' by Miranda Dickinson as soon as they will be released in October.
10) How Many Books Did You Check Out Last Library Visit?
I don't actually ever go to the library anymore... Already way too many books at home to get through!
11) What's A Book You Can't Wait To Read?
I'm incredibly excited about reading Lindsey Kelk's 'We Were On a Break', which I'm sure will be another fantastic read by Lindsey.

12) What's A Series You'd Recommend to Everyone?
There's only one series I recommend to absolutely everyone and that's the Harry Potter series. There are a lot of chick lit series I like to recommend, but only to people who actually enjoy chick lit/romance/women's fiction.

13) Who's An Author You're Hoping Writes More?
Jane Austen. But I don't see that happening any time soon, haha. Sorry about that. Uhm, J.K. Rowling, of course, and I also wouldn't mind if Cathy Bramley and Debbie Johnson treated us to a new lovely novel every three months or so!
14) A Few Books Your Heart Adores? 
Oh, my heart adores a lot of books <3

15) What Series's Coming Conclusion Makes You Sad?
Hmmmm. The end of the Twilight series made me a bit sad, but mainly because I thought the last book was a bit disappointing.
16) What Books Are On Your Wish-List?
A lot of books! Check out my Goodreads page for an overview :)

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