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18 February 2016

Upcoming Release: 'The House on Bellevue Gardens' by Rachel Hore!

Rosa has arrived in London from Poland to look for her younger brother Michal. But he has disappeared, and now she’s alone, with nowhere to stay and no one to help her. 

Stef is running away from her boyfriend Oliver and the claustrophobic life she’s been living in his opulent flat. Frightened, friendless and far from her family, she needs somewhere to hide.

Rick is living in a limbo; a shy young man sheltering from the world to write and draw and dream. He needs a place to nourish his creativity.

All three find refuge at 11 Bellevue Gardens, the shabbiest house of a smart white-painted Georgian terrace in North London. Here, its owner Leonie herself once found sanctuary following a brief career as a model in the sixties and a destructive marriage. Now, out of gratitude, she opens her house to others in need.

However, the house which has provided sanctuary for so many is now itself under threat. Can Leonie rescue the place that saved her all those years ago…?

If I'm completely honest... The simply stunning book cover of Rachel Hore's upcoming release 'The House on Bellevue Gardens' is already more than enough for me to want to pick up this novel: I love everything about it! Luckily, the blurb also promises a captivating story, so even more reason to read this book as soon as it will be released later this month. Definitely one of February's releases I'm most excited about and I really hope I'll enjoy the novel as much as I hope I will (and otherwise I'll just continue on staring at the pretty cover...)!

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