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17 September 2014

Competition: 'City Hospital' series by Keith Miles

Enter the free "City Hospital" competition to be in with a chance to have a character in a book named after you!

The "City Hospital" novels are written by Keith Miles, who has written loads of scripts and books for primetime TV and soaps. "City Hospital" is perfect for fans of shows like "Casualty" and "Holby City". It follows the lives of five medical students - Suzie, Mark, Karlene, Gordy and Bella - who share a house, and the ups and downs of working in a busy teaching hospital. Each novel mixes their own personal dramas with patients' stories. The series was a huge hit in print, and is now being reissued as e-books for the first time.

To be in with a chance to have a character in the next "City Hospital" book named after you, simply e-mail, with your name and the answer to the question - who writes the City Hospital series of novels? The deadline for entries is midnight on Monday 6th October. A winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday 8th October. 

Good luck!

Click here to check out the first two 'City Hospital' books on Amazon!

And I'm really excited to share this exclusive excerpt with all of you today!
City Hospital Book 2: Flames by Keith Miles

Join five young trainee medics as they learn about life and love on the wards of City Hospital. Suzie, Mark, Karlene, Gordy and Bella share a house, and the ups and downs of being a medical student in a busy teaching hospital. 

In City Hospital Book 2: Flames... 

Gordy meets an old flame who won't take no for an answer. 

A young man makes a drastic, and violent, decision, and Bella struggles to understand why. 

The City Hospital series is perfect for fans of medical dramas like Casualty, Holby City and Doctors.

In this excerpt ... A terrible fire destroys lives, but was it an accident? Karlene is determined to get to the truth.
Bella came back to the house just before midnight. She found Karlene in the kitchen, nibbling at the remains of the tuna salad. Karlene looked exhausted.

‘How did you get on?’ she said, wearily.

Bella pulled a face. ‘It was OK, I suppose.’

‘Is that all?’

‘Afraid so. Neil was a bit of a let-down.’

‘I thought you liked him.’

‘I did,’ said Bella. ‘He’s the best-looking guy in my year ‒ really good for a laugh. I’ve always fancied him.’

‘So what went wrong?’

‘On our own, he was completely different, Karlene. He clammed up on me. I could hardly get a word out of him. I think I’ll go back to the gorgeous Dr Damian Holt. At least he knew how to chat me up properly.’

‘Damian was a hunk,’ agreed Karlene. ‘Neil may’ve been nervous on a first date. He’ll be much better next time.’

‘There won’t be a next time.’

‘Have you given him the push already?’

‘More or less.’

Karlene grinned. ‘You’re so ruthless, Bella.’

‘I expect more action,’ she said, airily. ‘Neil failed the litmus test ‒ so out he goes.’

‘Another boyfriend bites the dust!’

‘Forget him,’ said Bella. ‘He’s history. What’s the news from the hospital? Did you see Janie?’

‘Yes,’ said Karlene with a sigh. ‘I’ve only just got back.’

‘How is she?’

‘Completely shell-shocked.’

‘I know the feeling.’

‘Janie’s lost her father and her home; her mother was injured in the fire and her brother was so badly burned that he may have to stay in hospital for months.’ 

Karlene shook her head. ‘It’s a hell of a lot to cope with, Bella.’

‘It would crush anybody.’

‘On top of all that, there’s this friction with her aunt and uncle. Janie can’t stand living with them.’

‘Why not?’

‘I still haven’t got to the bottom of it,’ said Karlene. ‘But I know they criticise her a lot. And Mrs Naylor ‒ that’s the aunt ‒ has been badgering Janie about the fire. Even claiming that it was Janie’s fault.’

‘That’s rubbish!’

‘I told her that.’

‘Janie was nowhere near the house when the fire started,’ Bella insisted.

‘It doesn’t stop her blaming herself. She feels she should have been there, Bella. That’s why her aunt’s gibes hurt so much. Janie says there’s a lot of truth in them but she won’t explain why.’

Bella looked thoughtful. ‘Where was Janie last night?’ she asked.

‘At the Caribbean Club.’

‘Are you sure, Karlene?’

‘That’s what she told me.’

‘But do you think she could’ve been lying?’

‘Why should she?’

‘I was just remembering what you told me about her father. That when the fire started, he was out looking for Janie.’

‘That’s right.’

‘Then surely the first place he’d go to would be the club. It’s not all that far from the house. If Janie was there, why didn’t Mr Palmer find her?’

‘Good question.’

‘Try putting it to Janie.’

‘No, Bella,’ decided Karlene. ‘I’m her friend. I don’t want to lose her trust. And I’d certainly do that if I start to put any pressure on her. Janie will tell me what she wants to in her own time. On the other hand ...’


‘There’s nothing to stop you making a few discreet enquiries.’

‘Count me in, if you need help.’

‘Thanks, Bella. I may do that.’ She smiled. ‘In fact, you can start helping me right this minute ‒ get me out of this chair and carry me upstairs. I haven’t got the strength to move.’

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