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26 August 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books I Really Want to Read But Don't Own Yet

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I love making lists, so this feature fits me perfectly! If you also take part in this feature or have any additions to my lists, please get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!
Top Ten Books I Really Want to Read But Don't Own Yet

This week I'm back with another fun Top Ten Tuesday post! I'm so happy the lovely people over at 'The Broke and the Bookish' are still organising this weekly meme, because it's so much fun to come up with these lists and to check out what other people decided to add to their personal top 10s. Today I've got a top 10 of books I really want to read but don't own yet; there were a lot of books to choose from, I can tell you! I'd love to hear what some of your personal picks are, or perhaps you have some recommendations! Don't hesitate to get into touch! :) 

1. Rainbow Rowell - 'Eleanor and Park'

I've heard so many great things about Rainbow Rowell's work and especially 'Eleanor & Park' is a book I definitely want to check out sometime. I haven't bought a copy yet, but it's on my to-read list and as soon as I spot it somewhere for a bargain it's undoubtedly coming home with me!

2. Dani Atkins - 'Fractured'

Dani Atkins' novel 'Fractured' is another one of those books I've heard many positive things about from other book bloggers. Dani Atkins' writing is described as 'brilliant', so I'm really curious to check out this novel myself.

3. Dan Brown - 'The Da Vinci Code'

I've read Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons' and really enjoyed it. It felt like a puzzle I couldn't wait to solve and I couldn't put it down before I knew how it'd end. Somehow I never actually managed to pick up any other Dan Brown novel, like the immensely popular 'The Da Vinci Code', and I think that is something I definitely have to change!

4. Scarlett Bailey - 'The Night Before Christmas'

I love Christmas and as soon as the last couple of months of the year start I can't wait to pick up some amazing Christmas-themed novels! There's one particular collection of Christmas books I somehow haven't picked up yet and that's Scarlett Bailey's Christmas stories. I really want to check them out, so will certainly buy them this year! 

5. Kiera Cass - 'The Selection'

I've included Kiera Cass' books in some of my other previous Top 10 lists and thanks to some of the comments from other bloggers and readers I've decided I really need to check out 'The Selection.' I might love it, I might hate it, but I look forward to finally reading the book and deciding for myself what I think of it.

6. Alexandra Brown - 'Ice Creams at Carrington's'

I honestly don't know how it's even possible that I don't own a copy of 'Ice Creams at Carrington's' yet, because I absolutely love Alexandra Brown's novels and the Carrington's series is one of my favourite chick lit book series at the moment. This novel is at the top of my wish-list and I'm getting it as soon as possible!

7. Meg Cabot - 'The Bride Wore Size 12'

I love Meg Cabot's books and her Heather Wells series is simply amazing. The last part in the series was released last year, but somehow I still haven't bought a copy yet. I really want to read it and see what the series will end like and can't wait to pick it up!

8. Victoria Connelly - 'Dreaming of Mr. Darcy'

I read and loved Victoria Connelly's book 'A Weekend with Mr. Darcy' and 'Dreaming of Mr. Darcy' is the second book in the Austen Addicts series. I love Jane Austen and anything having to do with her, and I'm a big fan of Victoria Connelly's work. So why haven't I picked up this book yet? Good question!

9. Cathy Woodman - 'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' series

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Cathy Woodman's work this year and I loved her book 'Follow Me Home'. I can't wait to check out the other parts of the 'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' series; I'm sure they'll be great books!

10. Sharon Lathan - 'Darcy Saga' series

Another series of books that sounds perfect for Jane Austen fans like me, but somehow I haven't bought or read any of Sharon Lathan's novels yet. Definitely another series of books that is at the top of my to-buy list!


  1. Ive got Eleanor & Park and Fractured but not read them yet but i have read The Da Vinci Code and loved it.
    Gill x

    1. Hi Gill, thanks for visiting! I can't wait to read 'The Da Vinci Code', glad to hear you thought it was good! Let me know what you think of the other two, I'd love to hear your opinion!

  2. Wow! These look great and most of them are new to me. Thanks!

    Here's my Top Ten!

  3. Oooh, Eleanor & Park was one of my favorite reads last 2013! Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy looks good so I'll definitely check that out.

    Great list!

    1. That sounds promising; I guess I should really pick up 'Eleanor & Park' soon! Thanks for visiting, Kayla! :)

  4. Eleanor and Park is pretty good, but I didn't love it as much as some of Rowell's other novels! Fractured and The Night Before Christmas both look like good books! I'll definitely be looking into them.

    Great list!

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog | My TTT

    1. I really just have to get my hands on a Rainbow Rowell book and see whether I enjoy her style or not, I guess! Thanks for stopping by, Tabitha, really appreciate it! :)