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11 September 2013

September 2013 release: 'Gifted and Talented' by Wendy Holden

It's the new university term among the dreaming spires. The start of a whole new life. 
Meet Isabel, beautiful, clever, shy - and leaving home for the first time. Meet Olly, recently graduated, idealistic and a little hopeless, a man whose heart leads his brain and for whom opportunity just hasn't come knocking - yet. Meet Amber, the It girl who is soon partying with the fast set - and no-one is faster than Jasper de Borchy, glamorous leader of the notorious Bullinger club. Meet the grown-ups: Diana, recently divorced mother-of-one, newly arrived in town to take up a post as college gardener - and Richard, the new college head, a widower, a scientist, and as lonely as some of the specimens he captures in his science lab. 
The rich, the poor, the shy, the extrovert, the givers, the takers. Meet the Gifted and Talented.

It was love at first sight for me as soon as I saw the cover of Wendy Holden's September 2013 release 'Gifted and Talented' on Amazon. Isn't it stunning?! I almost wouldn't even care what the book is about with a cover like that and Wendy Holden's name on it! However, the blurb luckily doesn't disappoint either. I already love the sound of the mix of characters, both youngsters and grown-ups, and I'm curious to find out what will happen to them and how their stories are connected to one another. Can't wait to pick up my own copy!

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